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Managed IT Services

DTS IT Services assists in maintaining functionality and

security without impacting productivity

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Proactive monitoring of your applications and devices to ensure they`re brought up to date, overnight or whenever you’re away from your device

Whether simply to maintain smooth functionality or to defend against sophisticated cybercrime attacks, it’s essential that all your devices and applications are up to date. Hardware and software manufacturers regularly introduce new functionalities and cybercriminals are constantly evolving methods of penetration, circumvention, and disguise; both require patches and other downloadable fixes to counter.

Staying on top of these software updates is a never-ending process and, as your business grows, it's one that can end up taking too much of your productive time. The best solution is to off-load these tasks to DTS IT's  automated out-of-hours updating service and proactive monitoring software, so your employees are always using optimized, safe, and secure software.

Out-of-hours management of all your software updates so you can:

  • Maintain smooth operation of your applications, devices, and peripherals

  • Stay abreast of the most recent security updates, patches, and workarounds

  • Re-assign the time you spend chasing various update announcements

  • Have your updates implemented during regular downtime

  • Receive awareness and best practices training


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